My rationale for becoming a physical therapist was altruistic, and simple. I wanted to help people feel better, and make a real difference in their quality of life.

Over time, as my experience and confidence have grown, I recognize a drive within me to change more than just the day to day lives of my patients.

As a therapist, I have no qualms staking my reputation on getting athletes better — not just some of the time, but every time. It’s high time I put that same passion and drive toward the greater good. How we see our own value affects the impact we have on others, and I see Clutch PT playing a pivotal role in disrupting the status quo of our industry.

It’s a generally accepted truth that our healthcare system is a fiery fiasco spiraling into the abyss. But we can and should take care of each other. As such, our focus for the year is on sharing our skills and expertise in as many ways as possible, with as many athletes, fellow clinicians, doctors, coaches, trainers and fitness professionals as we can reach. We believe in 360-degree care, and we believe in walking the walk. Building these relationships and opening communication among providers will ensure higher caliber care to all. When we educate and collaborate, it elevates and empowers.

As for the brass tacks of getting people in for treatment, we won’t rest until we get past boiling everything down to “are you in or out of network?” We need to do a better job of explaining the kind of care we all deserve, and its value. Why do so many of us merely consume healthcare, complacent with what an insurance company dictates we need? In every other aspect of our lives, we are we discerning customers. We should expect and seek expertise that will accelerate recovery and prevent injury in the first place. How are we not prioritizing our most valuable asset — ourselves? We only get one body, and it has to hold up to help us accomplish everything we dream of doing. Shouldn’t that be worth more than what you’re chalking it up to now?

We at Clutch PT will continue to expand our reach to help as many athletes get back to doing whatever it is they love, as quickly as possible. We're leading clinics, workouts and workshops for both athletes and fitness pros, and disseminating information across multiple channels to help athletes of all levels at every stage of their recovery. We are swinging our doors open wide, with the aim of helping people avoid having to see us in the first place.

I'm proud of this push, and grateful to give back to the fitness community that has given me so much. By doing things differently, we hope to make a real difference.

Dr. Joshua Grahlman, PT, DPT, FAFS Founder + Athlete Mechanic