• 12 sessions (one per month for the entire year, Jan - Dec 2019)
    45-minute one-on-one sessions with a DPT which may include manual therapy, muscular re-education, gait training, strength training and taping (if needed)

  • At-home strength training and therapeutic exercise program creation, customized to your goals and needs, with instruction from your DPT

  • Consultation with your coaches about your 2019 training and race schedule 

  • Accountability to make sure you’re keeping up with your strength training and corrective exercises. (Not to get all Big Brother, but we’ll know if you’re doing them or not.)

    $1,400  (That’s 40% off! 12 sessions normally costs $2,400.)

    The fine print: To secure this whopping deal, you’ll have to pony up now. Up front payments can be made by cash, check or Venmo only. All 12 sessions must be scheduled up front (but we’ll give you some leeway — 2 appointments can be re-scheduled without penalty.) We see the wheels turning, but the answer is NOPE, we cannot bill this to your insurance, and these sessions cannot be combined with insurance visits. We’d get in hot water over that. Capiche? 

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