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What To Expect At Your Appointment:

When you come in, expect our A game. We will conduct a full body movement assessment and ask for your medical and athletic history. You will have our undivided attention which may need to be directed at you from all angles, so dress comfortably or bring workout clothes.

Please understand we’ll need access to the part of you that hurts. Generally speaking, patients prefer to wear capris, leggings or shorts. If we’ll be working on your upper body, a sports bra and tank top are ideal. As a rule of thumb, if we need to treat it, you’ll need to show it.  Your feet may also be bare, so please consider that in advance, for our sake and yours. 

At our UES location, all patients have access to the gym, locker rooms, showers and towel service. Locks for lockers are provided. At the UWS sports performance facility, you’ll have access to restrooms and towels.

You can expect to leave your evaluation with a solid understanding of the road ahead and the plan of care your physical therapist has mapped out for you. You will also receive a homework regimen of exercises tailored to your needs and goals to empower you to self-manage your pain and further your recovery. Before you leave, your therapist will walk you through the exercises in detail. But you’ll also have access to an app and online portal that outlines everything you should be doing. (We don’t expect you to remember everything from the get-go.)

Questions, comments, concerns or general freak outs? Bring them! We’ll address them all.