Four time World Ironman Champion: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011

Your expertise and support is second to none! Thanks so much for helping me out whenever I come to NYC!
I have been to several PTs over the years and Clutch is in a whole different league. Experienced doctors who take the time to understand and diagnose your injury and come up with a customized treatment plan. These are true professionals.
— JOHN F. Patient Athlete
In the world of physical therapy, Clutch PT is a boutique service provider: individualized attention, insight informed by experience and expert care that ensure your path back to health is a speedy one.

I came to Clutch PT after a pinched nerve in my neck left me with numbness and tingling in my fingers and pain in my arm. I had tried PT at one of the larger clinics but felt my care was fragmented and ill-informed as I dealt with a different 20-something each time I went. It felt they were just following the prescribed guidelines for treating my condition but didn’t “get it” or me.

What I love about seeing Josh is that he recognized immediately how the pain emanating from my neck arose from weakness in other parts of my body and posture issues. He not only addressed the immediate pain but has worked with me to strengthen my body so that I have avoided repeated injury since. I am an athlete so getting back to working out (rock climbing) was extremely important to me. I wouldn’t trust my PT to anyone but Clutch.
— DEBORAH G. Patient Athlete

MATT BACH 2015 Ironman Maryland Champion

I started treatment with Clutch PT in early 2013 when I was dealing with chronic Achilles and knee injuries. After just a few months of therapy, strengthening exercises, stretching and using a foam roller, I found myself able to train injury-free and therefore consistently. That consistency led me to my first Kona qualification, then a win at Ironman Maryland in 8:51, followed by placing 72nd in the world at the Ironman World Championships in 2015. With Clutch PT keeping my body together and running efficiently, I’ve been able to achieve things that I had only dreamed about before working with Clutch PT. Thank you!!!
Josh is the best physical therapist in NYC. He is honest, reliable, and so knowledgeable about what he does, it’s honestly amazing. Bottom line: Josh gets you better!
— SHEILA Patient Athlete
I had a great experience at Clutch PT — they are so knowledgable and helpful. The one-to-one PT-patient format is so much more beneficial than the PT experiences I’ve had in the past. Highly recommend!
— SARAH S. Patient Athlete
Highly recommend Clutch PT! They’re a small and mighty team committed to giving 100% of their attention to their clients. It’s so great to walk into a space of people that know you, or to actually know who you’re talking to when interacting over IG! More specifically, Dr. James worked with me over the course of four months to help prepare me for my first ever marathon. I’ve never done strength training before but he was so kind and patient and informative and made the whole experience super enjoyable for me. My mile time has decreased and I’ve also noticed more muscle in my arms and legs. Thank you James & the rest of the Clutch PT team!
— ELISABETH L. Patient Athlete

KEVIN PORTMANN 2016 Ironman Coeur d’Alene Champion

When I first reached out to Josh, just like every injured athlete, my injury was “a priority” and it needed all the attention in the world. I wanted to 1) understand what I had, 2) understand how I got to this point, and 3) understand what I needed to do and how long it’d take to heal. Josh made it VERY easy to work around my schedule so that neither my work or my training would get impacted. Josh diagnosed a tendinitis and suggested that I get a MRI to rule out further damage (ie. Stress fracture). Josh treated me for 5 weeks, giving me exercises to do at home to speed up the recovery and strengthen my leg to reduce the chances of getting injured again. Josh looked at my shoes and suggested that the tendinitis could have come from the shoe I was wearing. I was over compensating and as a result put too much stress on my tendon. I went from barely being able to walk to racing a 70.3 in 8 weeks. I was skeptical about my chances to do the race, but that was before I met Josh and realized that he not only knows the body mechanics in and out, makes it easy to understand the root cause, but he also understands athletes’ needs. The tendinitis never flared up again, 1.5+ years after he treated me, which is amazing given the volume of running that I do on a weekly basis. I went on to have some strong race results at IM Coeur d’Alene this year and competed twice at the IM World Championships in Kona. One thing worth noting is that my doctor wanted me to have surgery, because that seems to be their #1 solution to all injuries… If you are in need of a PT, I would seriously consider giving Josh a call and check out Clutch PT. You’ll have to do your part and do the exercises he’ll give you, but if you follow his recommendations, you’ll be back on the horse in no time.

DREW G. Running the Great Cow Harbor 10K

After running 3 NY Marathons and 7 NY Half marathons, I developed an incredibly painful lower back condition. I saw Josh 2 times a week who helped me understand my imperfections and what I had done all of these years to compensate for them. It was now time to build strength around the areas that would help the rest of me become more aligned. We worked together at the clinic and I was also given a series of exercises to do at home for my core and gluts which ultimately got me feeling much stronger and my pain to disappear. After not even being able to go more than 2 miles without pain, Josh got me strong enough to do the Great Cow Harbor 10k on Long Island in September. That’s me at the finish in this photo. It was incredible that I was able to be out there considering my condition a month prior to the race. Months later, Josh helped me yet again overcome an issue with my left leg’s IT band and vastus lateralis. After being only able to do a few miles, I am currently training for the NYC Half in 2 weeks. I do my exercises daily and continue to feel the benefits from working with Josh each day. Beyond the physical component, I could always count on Josh for his mental toughness approach, his wisdom and incredible guidance on what and what not to do. Thanks for always getting me comfortable and ready at the starting line!!
— DREW G. Patient Athlete

JULES L. Ironman Triathlete, Ultra Marathoner, Creative Director, Mom x 2

From ITB issues to a femoral stress fracture to two postpartum comebacks, the Clutch PT team has put me back together every time and has kept me racing competitively for years. I first came with ITB pain and a huge chip on my shoulder about needing physical therapy. Not only does Clutch treat whatever pain is currently making me freak out, they patiently diffuse my Type-A competitive stubbornness. They GET IT, listen to me, and never tell me to stop doing everything; they find ways to keep me going. They also helped me understand the importance of strength training to avoid getting injured in the first place. They are all super passionate about sports, and just as passionate about seeing patients succeed. In the years since I started working with them, I’ve become an Ironman, ultra marathon finisher, mom x 2 and Boston qualifier x 3. There is no one else I would trust to take care of the only body I get.
— JULES L. Patient Athlete
Josh possesses a winning combination of abilities that I have not seen in other physiotherapy professionals – he is highly skilled, creative, takes an exceptional interest in his patients’ well-being and produces excellent results.
— SHARON K. Patient Athlete

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